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AAPC will NOT be requiring HARD COPIES for direct mail and collateral entries. Rather, entrants must upload electronic copies of each collateral/direct mail piece to accompany each entry.

Who is eligible to enter and win a Pollie Award?
What type of work can I enter?
When does the 2020 Pollie Awards Contest open and close?
Why can’t I include my company name in my entry?
What if my company is also the client for my entry?
What is the difference between overall categories and regular categories?
Can I submit the same entry in multiple categories?
How are the entries judged?
Can I sign up to be a judge?
Since there is no longer a separate International Division, can I still submit work for non-U.S. campaigns?
What are the benefits of judging?
How do I know if I won a Pollie Award?
When are the 2020 Pollie Award winners announced?
What do I receive if I am a winner?
What information will be on the trophy?



Questions? If you have any additional questions, you can contact Emmi Navarro, Pollie Contest Coordinator, at (703) 682-2191 or enavarro@theaapc.org.