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Why Enter the 2024 Pollies

Hosted by the only bipartisan, nonprofit organization for political professionals, the Pollie Awards set the standard for excellence in the political communications and public affairs industries. Over 250 judges—all fellow campaign pros—evaluate entries based on creativity, production value and most importantly, political effectiveness. And only the Pollie Awards hold entries to the highest ethical standards. If you want to stand out from the crowd, enter the Pollie Awards today!

AAPC membership is not required to submit an entry; however, AAPC members receive HIGHLY discounted entry fees. Not a member? Click here to join! or contact us at contest@theaapc.org or (703) 245-8022.


Film has the Oscars. Music has the Grammys. In politics, our biggest night is the Pollies, and [it] is our highest honor.

2015 Pollie Winner
Dean Nielsen, Cerillion N4 Partners

With so many political campaigns and organizations each year, it can often be hard to cut through the clutter and be recognized, especially if you don’t have existing connections. The Pollie Awards allow your work to succeed on its own merits and, should it be deemed worthy, recognized regardless of contacts, name recognition, or media attention.

2020 Pollie Winner
Loren Merchan, Authentic Campaigns

The Pollie Contest is where the rubber meets the road. There is a lot of great talent out there. The Pollie contest is the great equalizer and a fantastic networking opportunity.

2019 Pollie Entrant
Dalton Temple, Hill City Strategies

The Pollie Awards give an opportunity for prospective clients to know that our work is respected on a national level.

2016 Pollie Winner
Amile Wilson, Hapax Creative Strategies

The Pollie Awards is the only political ad competition our firm will enter. For decades now, it's set the standard for excellence.

2019 Pollie Winner
Mark Putnam, Putnam Partners


We Are The Fairest of Them All

AAPC takes significant steps to ensure fairness in the judging process, including blind judging (firm names cannot be visible) and random assignment of judges (no gaming the pool). We have also increased required judge qualifications. Pulling from a judge pool of more than 250 also minimizes the insider bias that is present in some awards programs.

Each entry is scored against its own campaign’s goals and budget — how effectively (and measurably) did a piece meet its objective? Creativity and production value are taken into proper account, but political effectiveness is primary (worth 50% of the score).

In short, the Pollies are not a “popularity contest,” but a reflection of the most politically effective, persuasive and creative work of the cycle.

The judging period will take place from Wednesday, February 7, 2024 through Wednesday, February 21, 2024.


Annual Pollie Awards


The 2024 Pollie Awards Contest opens November 13, 2023 and closes February 1, 2024.



Contest Opens

Dec 15

Early Bird Deadline

Jan 29

Regular Entry Deadline

Feb 1

Contest Closes

Feb 7

Judging Begins

Feb 21

Judging Ends


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