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The first, the best, the award that matters. Can you win one?

The Pollie Awards are hosted by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC), the only bipartisan, non-profit organization for political consultants and public affairs professionals. Our mission is to honor excellence in the practice of political communications. AAPC uses your entry fees to fund its operations to put on events around the country, develop and share resources, like Nathan Gonzales’ Inside Elections, host webinars and advocate for political free speech. (And we also provide our winners the trophy—free of charge).

AAPC will honor our Pollie Contest winners over the course of the 2018 Pollie Awards & Conference in Nashville, TN, culminating in an unforgettable party at the world famous Wildhorse Saloon where we feature the Best of the Best Pollie winners in each major medium, along with our first-ever “People’s Choice” awards.

AAPC membership is not required to submit an entry; however, AAPC members receive HIGHLY discounted entry fees. In addition, all Platinum, Gold, and Individual AAPC members receive one FREE Pollie entry. Not a member? Click here to join! or contact Allison Kramer-Mills at akramer-mills@theaapc.org or (703) 610-0287.

What Winning a Pollie Means to Me

Film has the Oscars. Music has the Grammys. In politics, our biggest night is the Pollies, and [it] is our highest honor

2015 Pollie Winner
Dean Nielsen, Cerillion N4 Partners

Working in a highly competitive market, it has been important to our business that we have nationally-recognized, peer-reviewed awards to show clients - giving us an edge on the recruitment and retention of new and old business.

2017 Pollie Winner
Brad Heflin, Rainmaker Inc.

I respect the Pollie Awards as a way to be recognized among my peers for contributing to the body of work that is political and public affairs campaigning. It encourages quality and creativity beyond the mission of winning for our clients. It also gives us a way to view and enjoy our collective contributions.

2017 Pollie Winner
Sue Zoldak, The Zoldak Agency

The Pollie Awards give an opportunity for prospective clients to know that our work is respected on a national level

2016 Pollie Winner
Amile Wilson, Hapax Creative Strategies

The Pollies give us a chance to recognize our hard work and creativity during the campaign and the value of being recognized as the best in our industry by the best of our industry.

2016 Pollie Winner
Debbie Benrey, IVC Media LLC


We Are The Fairest of Them All

AAPC takes significant steps to ensure fairness in the judging process, including blind judging (firm names cannot be visible), random assignment of judges (no gaming the pool), and equal representation by party affiliation (Republicans and Democrats in equal proportion). We have also increased required judge qualifications. Pulling from a judge pool of more than 250 also minimizes the insider bias that is present in some awards programs.

Each entry is scored against its own campaign’s goals and budget — how effectively (and measurably) did a piece meet its objective? Creativity and production value are taken into proper account, but political effectiveness is primary (worth 50% of the score).

In short, the Pollies are not a “popularity contest”, but a reflection of the most politically effective, persuasive and creative work of the cycle.

The judging period will take place from Monday, February 5, 2018 through Monday, February 14, 2018.


Annual Pollie Awards


The 2018 Pollie Awards Contest opens November 16, 2017 and closes January 29, 2018.



Contest Opens


Early Bird Deadline


Regular Entry Deadline


Contest Closes


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Winners Notices Sent Via Email


Pollie Awards Gala


AAPC 40 Under 40

Recognizing the best and brightest young political professionals in the U.S.

AAPC is dedicated to fostering the next generation of political professionals and is proud to recognize leaders and innovators in the political business community (including political media, political advertising, polling and public affairs) who are making a mark in their organizations and their professions. Contributions to the health of the political business community through volunteer work and other forms of philanthropy are also considered.


AAPC Campaign Excellence

Honoring excellence in campaign strategy and management

The Campaign Excellence Awards are a longstanding tradition of the AAPC and recognize those individuals who have significantly contributed to the success of a candidate or public affairs campaign and whose conduct has been consistent with the Professional Code of Ethics of the AAPC.